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Michigan Ross Undergraduate Admissions

is more competitive than ever,

and the Ross BBA acceptance rate has been dropping consistently year after year. We’re talking about a current 10% University of Michigan Ross acceptance rate for first-year BBA admissions.

michigan ross undergraduate admissions consultant

Our first-year admissions rate has remained consistent at 99%.

Michigan Ross BBA Admissions

We are Ross BBA admissions consulting experts, and we are here to help!

by differentiating yourself amongst similarly qualified applicants and showcasing your business-related interests, experiences, acumen, and future potential.

To ace the application,

you need to showcase that you’re more than strong grades and high test scores. Because Ross and most other programs utilize a holistic review process, essays are incredibly important, as is conveying your goals and how you would be a valuable community member who makes unique contributions as you leverage Ross resources to reach your goals.


Our Ross expertise starts at the top:

our team is headed by our founder, who not only graduated from the Ross BBA program but also worked at Ross and with Michigan admissions. The Michigan Ross undergraduate admissions process is unique in that the school requires a Ross admissions portfolio that puts an applicant’s knowledge, thought process, and action-based learning to the test and on display.

We utilize our expertise to guide students in preparing the strongest possible application strategy.

This includes messaging that conveys why you are a uniquely qualified applicant; why only through this education will you achieve your goals; why you would be a unique contributor to the Ross community; and why you are a deserving fit based on Ross’s preferred class profile.

We know the Ross BBA admissions process inside and out.

We have successfully worked with hundreds of students applying to Ross, and as Ross admissions consulting experts, marketers, and writing experts, we leverage our greatest strengths to guide our clients in preparing all aspects of the Ross BBA application to support them in having the strongest possible chances of admission. We leave no stone unturned in our work with you.

99% of our Class of 2024 students were admitted to their first choice school!

Ready to ace your application?

Our approach is unrivaled.

We combine our expertise with concierge-level service, providing a white glove experience that you need and deserve. We are there every step of the way; join us now so we can partner with you to submit your best possible application to the Ross BBA program.

Our specific services include every aspect of the Ross application process and all Ross BBA requirements:

Umich Ross application

Michigan essays and Ross portfolio essays (Ross admissions portfolio)

Ross Essay guidance

Ross Portfolio guidance

Common Application essays

Activities descriptions

Career planning

Course advising

Extracurricular advising and summer planning

Standardized testing strategy

Recommendation strategy

Demonstrated interest guidance

Decision guidance


How it Works

Step 1

Free Consult

  • We encourage all clients to begin with a Free Consultation to ensure you are making an informed decision in choosing to work with The Application Authority for College Admissions Consulting and Education Advising.
  • Explore specific goals and determine target timeline
  • Agree upon mutual fit between client and The Application Authority

Step 2

Live Strategy & Discovery Session

  • Meet w/a team of (2) Strategists for 1.5-2hr in-depth discussion typically via Zoom.
  • Explore and discuss academic, career, and personal goals through our proprietary process.
  • Discuss all aspects of application requirements.
  • Our Strategists will suggest the most competitive approach and strategy for completing your application materials, including essays, activities, and honors/awards, etc. and provide detailed follow-up support and instruction.

Step 3

Receive Support Every Step of the Way

We offer a Concierge Service Model – our clients experience white-glove treatment from
our team of highly-attentive and extremely-responsive admissions consultants.

  • Note: Typically one or both co-founders of the firm will work hands-on with each client to ensure the highest possible level of attention to detail, quality, and service

Following the Strategy & Discovery Session, we will provide detailed outlines for all
application materials, detailed instructions, and work with you through 4-5 rounds of revisions before completing final review and submitting.

  • We support you through a comprehensive material development and revision
    process until we have final drafts that we stand behind with full confidence that
    they are the strongest materials that offer your best chance of admission.

Step 4

Final Review of All Materials

  • Your materials are reviewed by our final review team, offering additional eyes and perspective to ensure you have the best possible application materials and the greatest possible chance of admission.

Step 5

Submit Your Best Possible Application with Confidence

  • Your application will tell your unique story, convey your fit with the school, and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • We offer follow-up support, including interview prep if necessary and decision guidance.

Why use a coach?

We are The Authority on Applications, Here’s Why:

Our approach and expertise are unmatched. We are admissions consulting , marketing, and business school experts with a carefully crafted process that provides the ultimate customer service experience and the best possible chances of admission.


Getting into school is more competitive than ever before. Almost every school receives a record-breaking number of applications each year.

One Chance

Admissions results change the trajectory of your life. You have one chance to make your 18 years of hard work count.


Perfect test scores aren’t enough, and sometimes they don’t even count. Don’t get lost in the changing admissions landscape.

Inflated Grades

55% of college applicants nationwide have an “A” grade point average. Great grades and a rigorous course load simply aren’t enough.

No Longer a Numbers or Grades Game

The majority of highly selective colleges and universities consider your written application materials to be “extremely important.”

Consider your Competition Pool

You are judged against students from similar backgrounds. Students who have access to similar resources as you are your competitors.

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