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Everything You Need to Know about the UM Ross Minor Transfer Application

Do you want to create a better world through the power of business, in combination with your primary area of study? The Ross Minor application is open to internal student transfers each spring, offering a limited number of spots for students. Below we’ll share everything you need to know about this application. Here is what you can expect to learn.


Here is what you can expect to learn.

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Quick Stats for Internal Transfers

Consider this: you may only apply to the Ross Minor program once per year.
Consider this: only 36% of Ross Minor applicants get admitted.

  • That is an exceptionally low acceptance rate. If you are interested in applying to Ross through the Ross Minor process, we highly encourage consulting with an admissions expert at The Application Authority to ensure you are submitting your strongest possible application.

Class of 2023 Applicants

Spring 2023 Admitted Class Profile

  • 776 Applicants
  • 280 Admitted
  • 3.83 Average U-M GPA 51% In-State
  • 53% Women
  • 11% International

Qualifications and Prerequisites:

Keep in mind that it is ideal for you to apply to the Minor program at the end of your sophomore year. Ross Minor courses that you have taken at Ross up until the point of admission will count toward fulfilling your Minor requirements.

Qualifications and Prerequisites
To be eligible for admission to the Ross Minor, you must:

  • Complete MATH 105 or higher with a grade of C or better.
  • Complete LSA First-Year Writing Requirement with a grade of C or better.
  • Complete ECON 101 (by graduation, as this is now a corequisite course)

Ideal Candidate Profile

Foremost, the ideal Minor candidate has completed all prerequisites and performed at an exceptional level both quantitively and qualitatively, and through continued or enhanced significant extracurricular involvement.

Grades – For the ideal candidate, great grades are essentially non-negotiable. Ross expects admitted candidates to be performing at an exceptionally high level in courses that challenge them, so the average admitted candidate will have almost all As and perhaps a B or two. The ideal candidate will show consistent high performance and positive upward trajectory. If you have a grade below a B on your transcript, a supplemental explanation may help your case.

Extracurricular involvement and business interests – the ideal candidate should demonstrate significant involvement in 3+ activities at a level greater than passive member. At least 2+ of these activities should have some degree of business-related involvement. Demonstrated initiative, responsibility, and commitment are essential, as is a custom resume for this application.


Takeaway 1: the average GPA of admitted Minor applicants is higher than admitted BBA applicants.

Takeaway 2: Ross admissions want to see that you can perform at the curricular level required by Ross, but also that you have explored, pursued, clarified, and confirmed your interests and future business goals. Ross will help you grow, but they are not an incubator – they expect students to be astutely studied and well informed of their future career goals and the necessary path to get there and have very specifically determined exactly how Ross will fill in the gaps and support them on this career journey. They also expect applicants to be involved community members.

99% of our Class of 2024 students were admitted to their first choice school!

Ready to ace your application?

Essays, Resume, and Other Application Requirements

Essays are your opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants by sharing more about your interests and unique qualities. Ross looks for applicants who answer the essay questions with specific examples and ample detail.


  • Why are you applying to the Business Minor? Considering your own interests and passions, what led you to conclude that the Business Minor combined with your current major is the optimal educational path for you? (300-500 words)
  • Please introduce yourself to your future Ross classmates. (100-150 words)
  • (Optional special circumstances essay): Briefly describe any unique personal circumstances, such as a major illness or personal tragedy, that have had a significant effect on your application credentials. Additionally, please describe any gaps in your academic record (e.g., lower course grade). If these circumstances are on-going, how will you manage them if admitted to the Business Minor?


One distinct resume created specifically for this application that is tailored toward your interest in the Business Minor program, rather than an internship or job opportunity. Ross is interested in getting to know your strengths, leadership potential, and how you may already be engaging within your intended career path of interest.

Important Dates

Late December: Application Opens

February 15: Application submissions accepted

March 31: Applications are due

Late June: Decisions are released

Takeaway 1: It can be especially difficult to provide specific examples and ample detail in shorter essays. You need to be strategic and intentional.

Takeaway 2: Begin working on your application early 2024 and submit by March 31.

Key Considerations

A commonly asked question we receive is:

“Should I apply direct admit from high school or wait and apply as a transfer?”

Ross seeks “ambitious, high achievers” to join their Minor program.
In addition to offering a strong business foundation, the Minor program can serve as a differentiating point on your resume.

The Ross Minor and BBA programs are distinct programs that offer unique value as you pursue your academic and career goals.

A commonly ask question we receive is: “Should I apply to both programs?”
The two programs are intended to be mutually exclusive, and the Minor program is typically a great option for those who are studying another subject and want to establish a core business foundation to support their interests.

However, it is important to weigh the factors impacting your decision and candidate profile, and we highly encourage connecting with an admissions consultant to discuss this as well as how to achieve your greatest potential chance of admission to the Minor program.

Takeaway – determining whether to apply to the Ross Minor or BBA program should be an extremely well thought through, strategic decision.


UM Ross offers multiple pathways to admission, including the Minor, all of which are extremely competitive. In fact, the average Umich GPA of admitted Minor students is higher than the internal BBA transfer applicant average GPA. Consider connecting with an expert admissions consultant from our team for a free consultation. In our consultations, we share specific feedback on overall potential chance for admission so our clients can feel they are making an informed decision when choosing to work with us. Click here to schedule your consultation or call now.

How it Works

Step 1

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Step 2

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  • Meet w/a team of Strategists for 1.5-2hr in-depth discussion
  • Explore academic, career, and personal goals
  • Discuss all aspects of application requirements
  • Our Strategists will suggest the most competitive approach and strategy for completing your application materials, including essays, activities, and honors/awards, etc. and provide detailed follow-up support and instruction

Step 3

Receive Support Every Step of the Way

  • Following the Strategy & Discovery Session, we will provide detailed outlines for all application materials, detailed instructions, and work with you through 4-5 rounds of revisions before completing final review and submitting
  • We support you through a comprehensive material development and revision process until we have final drafts

Step 4

Final Review of All Materials

  • Your materials are reviewed by our final review team, offering additional eyes and perspective to ensure you have the best possible application materials

Step 5

Submit Your Best Possible Application with Confidence

  • Your application will tell your unique story, convey your fit with the school, and help you stand out from the crowd
  • We offer follow-up support, including interview prep if necessary and decision guidance

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