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This is your one shot - and our results speak - 98% of our clients are admitted to their top program.

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No-risk free consult = insight without investment.

98% of our Class of 2024 students were admitted to their top school!

College admission is more competitive than ever (e.g. US News)

Don't get lost in the crowd. What's your strategy?

We are experts at crafting your unique story and differentiating students amongst similarly qualified applicants through our admissions consulting.

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98% of admissions consulting clients admitted to their first choice school

Unparalleled Service

Business School Experts (Undergraduate and Graduate)

2:1 Counselor-to-Client Ratio

Our admissions consulting students have received admission to:

Customizable Application Advising Services.

We provide all-inclusive, end-to-end application guidance and advising services that include but are not limited to:

school list development, Common Application and school-specific essay development, resume and extracurricular description support, interview preparation, specific insight into what each school is looking for, and college and career planning.

Our services are customizable and include but are not limited to:

Essay Guidance

Major selection

Career planning

School list development

Course advising

Extracurricular advising and summer planning

Standardized testing strategy

Recommendation strategy

Demonstrated interest guidance

Interview preparation

Decision guidance

Our Admissions Consulting Services

Grade 6-11: College Profile Development

It’s never too early to start planning for college admission. We help students with pre-application planning, summer planning, coursework selection, and strategic guidance for extracurricular involvement.

Grade 12: Admissions Consulting

We specialize in helping students prepare the strongest possible application materials (not limited to essay guidance and interview preparation) to the most competitive universities in the world. We have particular expertise with business schools, including Ross, Haas, Kelley, Stern, Wharton, Marshall, and more.

College Transfers

For enrolled students seeking transfer to a particular college within their university or transfer to another university. We have particular expertise with business school transfer applications including: University of Michigan Ross BBA internal transfer and minor and UC Berkeley Haas transfer. We also work with applicants to University of Michigan’s BSI and Org Studies programs and other specialized programs nationwide, including engineering and medical fields.

Grad School Applications

We help new and returning clients apply to a variety of grad programs, such MBA, Law, Medical, Physician’s Assistance, Nurse Practitioner, and PhD programs.

Career Advising

Feeling stuck, unsure, or ready for a change at any point in your academic or professional career? We have a career counselor that is an expert in guiding successful transitions and who promotes your well-being and delivers results in support of your career goals.

98% of our Admissions Consulting Class of 2024 students were admitted to their first choice school!

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Live Strategy & Discovery Session
We outline all application materials. Together, we complete 4-5 drafts and develop your perfectly polished application

Step 3

Application materials reviewed by a final review team

Step 4

Submit your Best Possible Application with confidence
Receive follow-up support from The Application Authority

Why use a coach?

We are The Authority on Applications, Here’s Why:

Our approach and expertise are unmatched. We are admissions consulting, marketing, and business school experts with a carefully crafted process that provides the ultimate customer service experience and the best possible chances of admission.


Getting into school is more competitive than ever before. Almost every school receives a record-breaking number of applications each year.

One Chance

Admissions results change the trajectory of your life. You have one chance to make your 18 years of hard work count.


Perfect test scores aren’t enough, and sometimes they don’t even count. Don’t get lost in the changing admissions landscape.

Inflated Grades

55% of college applicants nationwide have an “A” grade point average. Great grades and a rigorous course load simply aren’t enough.

No Longer a Numbers or Grades Game

The majority of highly selective colleges and universities consider your written application materials to be “extremely important.”

Consider your Competition Pool

You are judged against students from similar backgrounds. Students who have access to similar resources as you are your competitors.

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Meet the Team

BBA Admissions

Amanda Darish, MA, LPCC

Chief Counselor

A graduate and former employee of both the Ross School of Business and the University of Michigan, Amanda Darish, MA, LPCC gained an insider perspective of undergraduate and graduate admissions before honing her marketing skills as Director of Marketing at a multi-billion-dollar company. Combining her admissions consulting knowledge and marketing expertise, she developed a hands-on, proprietary process to market each student and ensure each student submits his/her best possible application(s). She has guided thousands of students to “Ace the App” and get admitted to their school(s) of choice.

Ross BBA Admissions

Matthew Kramer, MA, LPCC


Matthew Kramer brings over 15 years of counseling, marketing, coaching, strategy, and writing experience. He has consulted for members of Congress and Fortune 100 executives, improving businesses by applying his strategy and marketing expertise. He has worked with thousands of students in both admissions consulting and career counseling capacities. He is member of Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Honor Society, consults as a group and individual therapist for multiple organizations, and enjoys creative outlets such as painting or gardening when outside of the office.

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