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The Ross BBA transfer application is open to internal and external student transfers each spring, offering a limited number of spots for students who have not previously applied to Ross. Below we’ll share everything you need to know about The University of Michigan Ross BBA Transfer application.


Here is what you can expect to learn.

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Class of 2022 Applicants – Fall 2022 Admitted Transfer Class Profile

  • 644 Applicants
  • 125 Admitted
  • 3.78 Average GPA, 48% in-state
  • 50% Women
  • 11% International

Quick Stats for Internal Transfers
First, regarding eligibility – you may only apply to Ross if:

  • You have never applied before (as a first-year applicant when you were in high school)


  • If you were admitted to the University of Michigan late in the spring after Ross closed their admission review period.

Now, consider this:

  • Only 21% of Ross internal transfer applicants get admitted
  • This is an exceptionally low transfer acceptance rate.
  • If you are interested in applying to Ross as an internal candidate through the Ross transfer process, we highly encourage you to meet for a free consultation with an admissions expert at The Application Authority to ensure you are submitting your strongest possible application.

Quick Stats for External Transfers

  • Consider this: only 20% of Ross transfer applicants from other institutions
    get admitted.
  • That is an exceptionally low transfer acceptance rate.
  • If you are interested in applying to Ross as an external candidate through the Ross transfer process, we highly encourage you to meet for a free consultation with an admissions expert at The Application Authority to ensure you are submitting your strongest possible application.

Qualifications and Prerequisites:

Keep in mind that if you have previously applied to Ross, you are technically eligible to reapply, but your application will not be considered as Ross does not consider previously denied applicants for transfer admittance.

Specific eligibility requirements for admission to the Ross BBA include:

  • Enroll full time in your most recent year of college enrollment.1
  • Complete MATH 115, 116, 120, or 215 with a grade of C or better.
  • Complete ECON 101 with a grade of C or better.
  • Complete LSA First-Year Writing Requirement with a grade of C or better.
  • (1) Any transfer or test credits you wish to have considered must appear on your U-M transcript by the end of the winter term.
  • (2) Excludes AP, IB, or A-level credits, and credits completed in semesters
    preceding or following the fall and winter of the year you apply.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Foremost, the ideal candidate has completed all prerequisites and performed at an exceptional level both quantitively and qualitatively, and through continued or enhanced significant extracurricular involvement.

Grades – For the ideal candidate, great grades are essentially non-negotiable.

  • Ross expects admitted candidates to be performing at an exceptionally high level, so the average admitted candidate will have almost all As and perhaps a B or two.
  • The ideal candidate will show consistent high performance and positive upward trajectory.
  • If you have a grade below a B on your transcript, a supplemental explanation may help your case.

Extracurricular involvement and business interests – the ideal candidate should demonstrate significant involvement in 3+ activities at a level greater than passive member. At least 2+ of these activities should have some degree of business-related involvement.


Ross admissions want to see that you can perform at the curricular level
required by Ross, but also that you have explored, pursued, clarified, and confirmed your interests and future business goals. Ross will help you grow, but they are not an incubator – they expect students to be astutely studied and well informed of their future career goals and the necessary path to get there and have very specifically determined exactly how Ross will fill in the gaps and support them on this career journey. They also expect applicants to be involved community members.

99% of our Class of 2023 students were admitted to their first choice school!

Ready to ace your application?

Essay & Activities Descriptions and Requirements

Ross wants to get to know you and let your best qualities shine through — this is their chance to learn more about the person behind the numbers. The BBA transfer application includes (2) 500-word maximum essays, one optional essay, and activities and honors description section described further below:

Essay 1

Describe why you want to pursue a BBA degree at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, and how the Ross experience will support your personal and professional goals. (500-word maximum)

Essay 2

Reflect on your current or ongoing involvement in a specific organization outside of the classroom. Why did you join this organization? How did you make this organization or the community better? What did you learn? (500-word maximum)

Optional Essay Prompt

Briefly describe any unique personal circumstances, such as a major illness or personal tragedy, that have had a significant effect on your application credentials. Additionally, please describe any gaps in your academic record (e.g., lower course grade, taking a gap year between high school and college). If these circumstances are on-going, how will you manage them if admitted to the Stephen M. Ross School of Business?

Activities and honors descriptions

not in a resume format

Important Dates

Late December: Application Opens

February 15: Application submissions are accepted

March 31: Applications are due

Late June: Decisions are released

Late August: BA102 Welcome Event w/ mandatory attendance

Takeaway: Begin working on your application early January and submit by March 31.

Key Considerations

A commonly asked question we receive is:

“Should I apply direct admit from high school or wait and apply as a transfer?”

If you are interested in applying to Ross directly from high school but are concerned you are not yet a strong enough candidate, what should you do?

If you do not have adequate business background and demonstrated business interest to gain admission, it may be most beneficial for you to consider applying to UM LSA to gain admission to the University, then later applying to Ross BBA through the internal transfer application. However, the internal transfer has only approximately 100 spots available for admission, so it too is extremely competitive. Because Ross direct admits applicants from high school through the first-year application process, if you apply and are not admitted, you have essentially eroded any possibility to get a BBA at Ross.

Weighing the factors impacting your candidate profile and making a strategic decision about which application period offers you the greatest potential chance of admission is a nuanced process and craft, and we highly encourage connecting with an admissions consultant at The Application Authority for a free consultation discuss.

Takeaway – determining whether to apply to the Ross BBA program directly from high school or via the transfer process should be an extremely well thought through, strategic decision.


UM Ross offers multiple pathways to admission (including the minor) but choosing when and how to apply can be tricky. Consider connecting with an expert admissions consultant from our team for a free consultation.

In our consultations, we share specific feedback on overall potential chance for admission so our clients can feel they are making an informed decision when choosing to work with us. Click here to schedule your consultation or call now.

How it Works

Step 1

Free Consult

  • We encourage all clients to begin with a Free Consultation to ensure you are making an informed decision in choosing to work with The Application Authority for College Admissions Consulting and Education Advising.
  • Explore specific goals and determine target timeline
  • Agree upon mutual fit between client and The Application Authority

Step 2

Live Strategy & Discovery Session

  • Meet w/a team of (2) Strategists for 1.5-2hr in-depth discussion typically via Zoom.
  • Explore and discuss academic, career, and personal goals through our proprietary process.
  • Discuss all aspects of application requirements.
  • Our Strategists will suggest the most competitive approach and strategy for completing your application materials, including essays, activities, and honors/awards, etc. and provide detailed follow-up support and instruction.

Step 3

Receive Support Every Step of the Way

We offer a Concierge Service Model – our clients experience white-glove treatment from
our team of highly-attentive and extremely-responsive admissions consultants.

  • Note: Typically one or both co-founders of the firm will work hands-on with each client to ensure the highest possible level of attention to detail, quality, and service

Following the Strategy & Discovery Session, we will provide detailed outlines for all
application materials, detailed instructions, and work with you through 4-5 rounds of revisions before completing final review and submitting.

  • We support you through a comprehensive material development and revision
    process until we have final drafts that we stand behind with full confidence that
    they are the strongest materials that offer your best chance of admission.

Step 4

Final Review of All Materials

  • Your materials are reviewed by our final review team, offering additional eyes and perspective to ensure you have the best possible application materials and the greatest possible chance of admission.

Step 5

Submit Your Best Possible Application with Confidence

  • Your application will tell your unique story, convey your fit with the school, and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • We offer follow-up support, including interview prep if necessary and decision guidance.

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