The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan is regularly ranked in the top 5 best undergraduate business programs in the country by US News & World Report. Ross is known for many things, and below we’ll share more about what makes it so great and what type of students are the best fit for their program. Ross has several emphasis programs available for students that all rank in the top 5 nationwide including: Marketing (#1), Management (#1), Finance (#3), Production/Operations (#4), Quantitative Analysis/Methods (#4), and Accounting (#5).


As such a highly ranked and in-demand program, the application process is incredibly competitive, with a low acceptance rate. 


A couple of program highlights include:

  • Class of 500 – Ross targets a freshmen class each year of 500 students
  • 125 Transfers – Ross admits on average 125 transfer students through the cross-campus transfer application, available to first-year University of Michigan students 
  • 9% Acceptance Rate – The acceptance rate for Ross applicants directly from high school is only 9%, whereas the admission rate for general applicants to UM is 20% 


Considerations: If Ross admission is your goal, you have the option of applying directly from high school year your senior year (direct admit) or as a transfer applicant either internally (from UM) or externally (outside program) during your first year at college. While the acceptance rate for direct admits is extremely low at 9%, the transfer application is equally as competitive. 


Best time to apply?

Whether you apply direct from high school or as a transfer, Ross wants to see that you have actively pursued your career interests outside of the classroom in several ways. Because both the direct admit and transfer application are extremely competitive, it’s important to choose a term that allows you to present application materials with a great depth of involvement and career related exposure. 


Direct Admit or Transfer Application?

The direct admit application is attractive to many students who have found ways to get involved and demonstrated that they have pursued career interests, it also accepts a larger number of students (500) each cycle. The transfer application can be attractive to students who have had less career related exposure in high school and found great ways to get involved once at college, but the transfer accepts a much smaller class (125 per cycle) making it very competitive. If you’re unsure which cycle is best for you and will offer the most competitive chance of admission, contact our team for a free consultation where we offer insight into your competitiveness and share our recommendations. If you’re serious about getting into Ross, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.


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