When you apply to a school, it’s natural to talk exclusively about yourself. “I have done this, earned these grades, worked here,” and the list goes on.
However, to be a strong applicant, you need to include these three other crucial elements:
Research is critical. You can apply to any school in the world, so show you’ve done your research and articulate what about that particular school makes you apply THERE. Tell the school exactly what makes them appealing to you.
Here is an example:
The University of Michigan has consistently been ranked the top public institution in the United States, but it also offers your major with a high % of graduates going into the field in which you have interest.
This is just one example, and there are many reasons why you might want to attend a particular school. So…
WHY the school is right for you
The school might have a great differentiating factor, but take the next step to explain WHY that is right for YOU. Certainly, The University of Michigan may not be the best choice for every high school senior.
Just because you are a shining applicant doesn’t mean you’d be a great fit at that particular school.
Go beyond the research to show you have thought about how you would fit in. Then, clearly outline the way you will do so….
As I mentioned in the dating blog post, the application process is a two-way street and just as they assess you, you assess them. Once you show knowledge of what they offer/makes them unique and how you will fit in, showcase what you will give to them.
Outline exactly what you will bring/give so that it is tangible.
Application readers don’t have a ton of time to spend reviewing application materials, so outline the above clearly and make it easy to understand.
Now let’s get you into the school of your dreams!
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