As part of the Michigan Ross BBA application, the Ross Portfolio is your chance to demonstrate your true business prowess—your business brilliance and why you are deserving of one of the few coveted spots at Ross.

  • Ask yourself: “What have I done to earn a spot at Ross?”

This Portfolio is your chance to demonstrate your brilliance and business prowess. A
successful Ross Portfolio will demonstrate the wisdom you have acquired and how your unique sense of business comprehension will be of value to both your future classmates and the business world at large. We will share more specific examples about

First, let’s demystify the portfolio and shed light on its components below.
The Ross Portfolio consists of two parts:

1. Business Case Discussion: this is your opportunity to show how you would apply your business brilliance in a real-world setting.

  • Limited to 500 words, this prompt challenges you to find an issue in the
    community and propose a solution. But what makes a successful essay?
  • Preparing a response so thoughtful and unique that none of the other
    8,000+ applicants could write it.
  • Developing an essay that is highly contemplative and intellectually
    driven and applies related business principles and concepts you hope to
    pursue in your future academic and professional career.

2. Artifact & Description: this is equally as perplexing and challenging for most students due to the vagueness and lack of direction. You will be asked to upload an \ artifact and share how it demonstrates a unique side to them–but what to share and say is extremely overwhelming for most.

  • We have found success with students utilizing any number of artifacts–
    here no one specific category is best.
  • Truly it could be anything as small as say this pen in my pocket, but
    describing it and what it means to you, and suggesting how that
    meaning is also demonstrative of your potential value as a candidate
    for Ross is the ultimate goal. This is something we help clients
    determine and convey with utmost clarity.

Additional Notes
The Ross Admissions Portfolio is submitted with your Common Application. Preference is given to applications completed by the Nov. 1st Early Action Deadline, which is the Ross Priority Deadline. The Regular Decision Deadline is Feb. 1.​​

Next Steps
If you are interested in applying to Ross, no matter what point of your academic career you are at, we can help. Be it Ross BBA direct admit, transfer, minor, or other Ross related program, we are Ross application experts here to help. To start, connect with us for a free consultation where we will share more info on how we work with clients to prepare the strongest applications possible, and offer an insider’s perspective on what your chances of admission may be.

Learn more about the artifact in our Portfolio artifact post.

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