Though I do not offer test preparation services, I have reviewed hundreds of applications and worked with hundreds of clients, and I often get asked whether a student should take the ACT or SAT.
The tests are very different (see think link for how they differ) and my advice is to take each test once, see which one the student is most comfortable with, and then have them retake that one another time. Though both tests are testing students’ knowledge, thought process, etc., they go about it in different ways. Just as each student responds differently to different teaching styles, many students respond differently to different testing styles.
An alternative is to have your student take a practice exam of each, including the PSAT, and see on which one they perform better. Then, have them take that test formally.
Many students take the ACT/SAT up to 5 or 6 times, but the average number of test scores submitted per student nationally is: 2. That’s right, only 2!
Scores can absolutely be improved through studying or tutoring, but know when to call it a day. Plus, top schools reject students with perfect scores, so at some point, a student’s time is better spent focusing on class work, extracurriculars, and determining to which schools to apply.
And don’t forget to differentiate yourself through the essays and activities. Give us a call today!

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