Tips straight from the mouths of Admissions Officers.
Tips via New York Times’ article on 8 Things Admissions Officers Wish you Knew about Applying to College. Comments via The Application Authority.
1. Start Early – Determining your college list is a very important part of the process. Focus on yourself, your goals, and what YOU want in a college. Forget about prestige and make a list with schools that would be a genuine fit.
Keep an eye on deadlines and give yourself PLENTY of time to write your essays. Don’t rush the process in any way! See February blog entry for tips on how to secure good teacher (and other) recommendations.
2. Do Your Research – Each application should be specific to both you and the school.
3. They’re Interested in who you Really are – Be authentic, genuine, and showcase YOUR unique and positive qualities. See January blog entry for more tips.
4. Mind the Deadline – There’s no one responsible for ensuring the deadline is met but you.
5. Keep in Touch – At its core, the application process is about communication and marketing. Get in touch and stay in touch with the schools.
6. Parents Need not Apply – It’s all you! You need to be the one who calls the school, communicates with your counselor/teacher, etc. This process is all about you and you need to manage it.
7. Choose Wisely – Pick a school that’s a great all-around fit for you!

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