We’ll start off by saying that we don’t see much good in College Confidential. An Admissions Officer from John Hopkins wrote an article titled: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of College Confidential,” so there’s got to be some good that comes out of the website? Let’s dissect.
The Good:
The Good Resources: 3/4 key sections of the website provide objective and helpful information and resources. Many resources at your finger tips; on average, high school counselors manage about 400 students, so it can be helpful to have a website that provides information and the answers to your burning questionsCommunity Feel
The Bad
The “Discuss and Interact” tab: the college forums are rampant with anxiety, false information, and pot stirring. If you are a college bound student and you want information about the school, go to the school’s website, request material directly from the school, or give the school a call! DO NOT go to College Confidential and search for or start a thread related to a question that can easily be answered with a little research. I’ve seen SO much misinformation spread and this is particularly frustrating given that with the click of a mouse, students can find the CORRECT answers on the school’s websiteThe Anxiety: for the most part, those who participate in the discussions are trying to help one another. But as with any game of telephone, the information gets widely misconstrued from post to post and year to year. Students spend HOURS trying to dissect information from the prior year. However, there’s no need for this. Simply stick with the facts. When in doubt, KISS = keep it simple stupid.The Trouble Makers: College Confidential is a snapshot of society. You’ll find the bright, the helpful, the do gooders, those with good intentions, etc. You’ll also find the flip side: the trouble makers, pot stirrers, those who spread false information to invoke anxiety, those who provoke, attack, and try to make others feel hopeless.
In conclusion, we see more bad than good in using College Confidential. Enter at your own risk. Or better yet, don’t enter at all.

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