You have a lot on your mind when you’re applying to college; do you really need to worry about your social media accounts?
With the burgeoning increase in “social media consulting companies,” it’s natural for you to consider what to do with your accounts. Do you publicize them and work hard to create your personal brand? Do you privatize them and ensure no one can access your information? Do you live and let live?
Our recommendation is to privatize your accounts and move on to the next item on your task list. The Harvard Crimson interviewed Harvard’s Dean of Admissions, who indicated that, “The standard method for applying to college – the CommonApp and supplemental essay question(s) – gives students the necessary space to tell their stories.”
The Dean indicated that on rare occasions, they will review a student’s social media account, but that they do not have the time to review each applicant’s accounts and that the admissions process is already daunting enough as it is. (That’s why you should call us; we can work together to make your application as strong as possible).
If you have something specific to show the admissions committee, and you believe you must do so through a social media account, you can certainly do so. We can help you include that information in a way that will encourage the Admissions Officers to click the link and view information that will positively enhance your application!
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