As flock animals, sheep are inherently inclined to follow a leader and stay in line.
While you may be inclined to follow someone else’s outlined path during the college admissions process, doing so is a huge mistake.
Most colleges don’t use a strict formula to assess their students; great colleges and universities around the world want students who are independent thinkers, students who possess a true open-minded thirst for learning. If you are following an outlined formula, where is the opportunity for you to show how critically you can think? How can you showcase the benefit you would add to your school of choice?
Applying to college isn’t about following the other sheep. It’s not about merely answering the questions the colleges pose. It’s about defining your path, creating your own questions, and pursuing your goal in a way that’s so genuine to you that no other person could replicate your process.
You need to deny that alluring pull to conform; instead, pursue your goals in a way that’s both genuine and specific to you.
To learn more, pick up a copy of William Deresiewicz’s “Excellent Sheep.” To apply this philosophy to your college applications, call or email us today!

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