The list of test-optional college and universities in the United States continues to grow.With the SAT and ACT becoming more obsolete, qualitative application elements, such as essays and recommendation letters, are becoming increasingly important.
Why are schools going test-optional?
The reasons vary, but statistics show that standardized test scores are not as reliably predictive of college performance as the College Board has touted.
Meanwhile, the College Board continues to advertise the SAT and ACT Inc. continues to advertise the ACT as the companies struggle against the test-optional current. Standardized test tutors and prep companies continue to tout the importance of the exams. All parties of course have a personal incentive to keep putting dollars in their pocket.
What can you do?
Focus on your qualitative application elements. Your essays, activities, and recommendation letters can differentiate you, so give these application elements the time and attention they deserve. We are application masters, so call us today to get started!
Will the test-optional trend continue?
It appears so. Read more here:

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