With each passing year, test scores are a less significant part of the college application. Simultaneously, the qualitative portions of the application grow in importance.
More students than ever before achieve perfect SAT scores, and those with perfect scores get rejected from top schools each year.
Colleges have realized that students are more than just numbers on paper. Sure, the standardized tests may predict “college readiness,” but there’s so much more to admitting a strong, qualified student. What are the student’s goals? What will he/she contribute to the school, both inside and outside the classroom? How eager is the student to learn? Is the student a good citizen? Will the student round out the class?
Students are realizing this change, and thus the number of students who hire an application coach is growing.
Our mission is your admission, and we will guide you to submitting your best possible application by marketing your positive intangible attributes and showcasing your holistic story. Call or email us today!

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