The Haas School of Business undergraduate program at UC Berkeley admission period for current/transfer students interested in pursuing a Business major is November 1st-30th. The admissions review process is rigorous, and candidates are required to meet a number of prerequisites as well as represent the school’s four defining principles:

1. Question the Status Quo

2. Confidence without Attitude

3. Students Always

4. Beyond Yourself

The actual breakdown of how admissions views the application’s elements is as follows:

– 50% Grades & Coursework

– 35% Essays

– 5% Resume/extra-curricular activities.

Outside the prerequisites, admissions notes that successful candidates also exhibit:

– Academic achievement and promise (grades, course load, consistency of performance, trends, and performance in key prerequisites, such as principles of business, math, economics, and statistics)

– Accomplishments in extracurricular activities

– Personal attributes and life experience suggesting leadership, maturity, ethical character, teamwork, and goal orientation

– Communication and analytical skills, as demonstrated by responses to the essay questions

Students interested in business are encouraged to apply and have until November 30th to submit applications.

The Application Authority has worked with hundreds of Haas undergraduate students and offers a free 15-minute advising session to students interested in applying to this program. Schedule your free advising call today with one of our Haas admissions experts.

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