Here are four guiding points to help you make your final decision about where to attend college:

1. At this point, don’t overthink it. Close your eyes; which college immediately pops into your head? You have likely done copious amounts of research, visited several schools, and spent time reflecting on each school’s offerings as you worked on your applications. Allow your subconscious to guide you at this point.

2. If #1 is too uncomfortable for you, work backward. Start by eliminating the schools you would not (currently) regret removing from the list. Aim to narrow your list down to two-three schools.

3. Talk it out. Once you have narrowed your list down to two-three schools, create a pro/con list for each school and then seek support from a trusted advisor, friend, or family member who knows you well. Talk through each list and make notes that you can reference when you are alone in your room trying to make your decision.

4. Relax. You have worked hard to get to this point at which you have several options. See number one.

Submit your deposit and get ready for the next step!

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