Each year, admissions officers speak out and share “insider” tips with information that they wish every applicant knew. See the latest tips below:

  1. Interactions with the school are tracked. This goes beyond standard demonstrated interest tracking. If you or one of your family members is rude to a school employee, it will likely be noted in your file. Be kind, courteous, and gracious at all times.
  2. You have a few minutes to make an impression. Application readers breeze through numerous files each hour. Be strategic with your content so that you do not bore the reader, and share new information throughout so that you make use of every piece of your application.
  3. Avoid the dreaded “standard positive” category. Thousands upon thousands of applicants submit positive yet standard, unmemorable applications. Having a 4.0 and great test scores can only get you so far. Utilize the essays to differentiate yourself from standard positive applicants and set yourself apart in the application process.
  4. Personality matters. Especially if you will not be interviewing during the application process. Admissions officers note traits and think about how that student would add value to the campus and classroom. This is why holistic review exists; there are many smart, standard positive applicants, but admissions officers also assess a student’s overall fit with the school and consider potential contributions on campus and beyond.
  5. Ask questions. Whether you are on an official school visit or sitting in a classroom at your high school, ask questions, be engaged, showcase that you’ve done your research, and share your interests. Your goal is to leave a positive and memorable impression.

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