Are you applying to Ross? Don’t let the fear and fiction floating around campus drive your plan for crafting a successful application. A few initial tips:

  • The BBA Cross-Campus Transfer process is designed for students who have not previously applied to Ross. Last year, Ross filled the entire Cross-Campus Transfer class with students who had not previously applied via the preferred admission process.
  • Ross does not conduct interviews for the BBA application process. The application is your opportunity to demonstrate your fit with the program and showcase why you would be a great addition to the Ross community.
  • Last year, the Cross-Campus Transfer acceptance rate plummeted; Ross utilizes holistic review, so despite what you may hear, there truly is no “formula” for gaining acceptance. Ross isn’t looking for 4.0 robots or students who belong to every business club on campus. See point immediately above.
  • You do not need to belong to a Ross-affiliated club to have a competitive application.
  • There is no benefit to submitting your BBA application significantly prior to the 3/31 deadline.
  • Set up a free phone consult with us to learn more.

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