For the Ross Transfer Applicant, finding the right way to ensure you are adequately represented in a pair of essays is no easy task. Ross is seeking applicants that are highly engaged, unique, and resilient leaders – the leaders and the best. But transcribing the tapestry of your experiences in a convincing and compelling fashion to convince Ross of your deserving spot may pose significant challenge for even the most eloquent speaker or writer. Finding a unique vision to share with Ross is essential to any successful application, so here are 3 top tips to help you improve your application.
1. Be uniquely you. Speak in a manner in which no one else can. If you have a passion for investment banking or marketing, present that in a way in which no one else can describe the associated experience they’ve acquired or the contributions they intend to make.
2. Be non-traditional, in a sense. The experiences you’ve gained may be complex and compelling and not fit within the traditional mold of extracurricular activities. Were you a morale coach for your cross-fit team or a breakfast-bringer for your neighbor in need? Times have changed, and the admission office at Ross understands and is looking for ways that you have involved yourself throughout the complications of the pandemic in traditional and non-traditional ways.
3. Be decidedly certain. What is it about Ross that will help you achieve your unique goals? Answering these questions in a way that is confidence-laden and presents a unique perspective guaranteed to move the reader is essential.
In summary, being unique, non-traditional, and certain in the voice of your Ross application are considerations that may help a candidate stand out from the crowd of similarly qualified candidates and ensure their best chances of admission. Curious to learn more? Schedule a free consultation with the Ross application experts at The Application Authority.

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