An admissions counselor may go by many different names, including: college application coach, application advisor, college admissions consultant, college counselor, and more. These titles may be interchangeable or refer to different services, so it is essential to carefully examine the background and qualifications of the professional with which you are considering working. 

While counselors that support admissions may work for your school, these internal counselors are limited in the attention they can offer students due to their incredibly high caseload: in Michigan, school counselors had the 2nd highest caseload in the country, at 744:11.

Generally speaking, an admissions counselor refers to a private admissions or college application counselor that can provide a greater quality of attention and time working with individuals and families in the following related to the college application process:

  • Determine the scope and fit of potential colleges of interest as well as provide college recommendations 
  • Advise early-action vs. early-decision application strategy
  • Inform and support college visits and decision making
  • Support academic-career-student-athlete life transitions
  • Advise best fit extracurricular, course, and pre-career planning involvement
  • Recommend demonstrated interest strategies and recommendation strategy
  • Guide in the preparation of qualitative application elements, including strategically narrated and branded essays and special circumstances essays
  • Offer recommendations for best-fit test-prep services based on personal connections in the industry

To learn more about what value an admissions counselor may offer you and your family, consider exploring more on the following sites or connecting with us for a brief information session or to schedule a workshop for your small group. 

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