Ross BBA Acceptance Rate

The University of Michigan Ross BBA acceptance rate is extremely low at only 9.8% for the BBA program and 12% for the MBA program. This low acceptance rate is demonstrative of the fact that Ross is an elite program and extremely selective in choosing candidates for admission.

Over the past few years, Ross BBA has seen an extreme uptick in the number of applicants. During the 2020 year, ~6k students applied – two years later in 2022, Ross saw 8,680 applicants – a 44% increase!

Plans for Reducing Admissions Further
In the 2022 admissions cycle, despite the extreme uptick in applicants, Ross admitted ~9% fewer students than the year prior’s cycle.

Worse yet, Ross has declared that despite the demand for Ross BBA being “even stronger than we anticipated,” UM seeks to reduce Ross BBA enrollment down to a target number of 500 students per class.

Why So Competitive?
What makes Ross so competitive? Likely obvious, the power of a Ross degree is what it can do for you after graduation. A Ross BBA degree holds an incredibly amount of sway during applications, interviews, and promotion opportunities, as employers are confident in the education and skills known by Ross graduates. One of the main reasons employers are so confident in Ross graduates is the learning experience that offers a holistic, hand-on, and global business perspective including action-based learning, global immersions, and more than 65 undergraduate clubs. It’s clear that applicants seek Ross students and graduates for any number of reasons, outside of name-power; this education is extremely sought after by applicants and employers because the actual act of educating its students is so exceptional. Students leave with an incredible knowledge and skillset to face the world’s business problems of tomorrow.

By the numbers:

  • Ross BBA acceptance rate: 9.8%
  • Ross MBA acceptance rate: 12%
  • Ross received 44% increase in applicants over last 2 years
  • Ross admitted ~9% fewer applicants last year
  • Ross is targeting a reduced class of no more than 500 students

We Can Help!
Our business, The Application Authority, is a concierge education consulting boutique that was founded by a Ross BBA grad and former Ross employee with the goal of leveraging a unique insider’s perspective to help candidates submit the strongest application possible to Ross with the greatest possible likelihood of admission.

We combine up-to-date information about Ross is looking for in applicants each year with institutional knowledge and marketing expertise to help each student develop their best possible application. Without a strategy and comprehensive narrative for your application, your application will undoubtedly get lost in the sea of applicants. We help you stand out and differentiate your application from the thousands of other similarly qualified applicants.

We work with clients on Ross BBA, MBA, and transfer applications in addition to University of Michigan LSA and other school specific programs such as Organizational Studies and Information Studies.

How we Help

  • We begin working with clients in advance of the application deadline to provide pre-application advising and offer guidance related to extracurricular, course selection, internship/career planning, to support overall application narrative and strength.


  • We meet with clients when the application is released for a Strategy and Discovery call – an approximately 1.5-2hr discovery call with our two firm owners, both licensed counselors, to explore career interests, involvement, and determine the most compelling strategy and narrative for your application elements. We also ensure that each application element reveals new applicable information about you.
  • On this call, we support building a personal and career narrative in response to application questions that will present the client as strongly as possible.
  • We prepare an outline for all application written elements including essays and activities section and work with the client over approx. 4-5 rounds of revisions to prepare a final product.

Some of the ways we help students include:

  • Guide in developing certainty around career interests/goals and integrating how activities have supported this interests.
  • Support students in speaking in a unique manner that only they could offer – whether it’s a passion for non-profits or investment banking, we guide students in identifying specific skills they’ve acquired and contributions they wish to make.
  • Identify traditional and nontraditional ways the client has been involved that support academic and career goals.
  • Support clients in establishing clear and specific references stating why and how Ross will help achieve their goals.


  • We conduct a final review and share final materials with client in advance of deadline and support any related follow up including interview or decision guidance

Interested to Learn more?
Are you considering applying to The Ross School of Business BBA or MBA programs? Contact us for a free consultation where we will offer some brief feedback on your competitiveness as a candidate and share how we guide applicants in preparing the most compelling application possible.


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