Ross BBA Value

The Ross BBA is one of the most highly coveted undergraduate degrees in the world. The education, name recognition, brand power, and real world comprehensions held by the Ross BBA graduate offers them endless opportunities to craft their career and in told future lifestyle. Applicants seek Ross to gain wealth of knowledge, opportunities, and skills that allow them to compete in the world of business and otherwise at an exceptionally high level that offers a sense of prowess and mystique on their resume and in career settings. These are just a few reasons we know applicants choose Ross, here are a few more real world examples:

  • Want a degree that offers the greatest future hiring potential to avoid stress around competing in the workforce
  • Want a degree that is reliable despite uncertainty around specific goals
  • Want a degree for a specific path such as investment banking or marketing

Ideal Candidates Admitted to Ross
For some, its easy to say why they are applying to Ross, for others less so. But, more importantly, what does Ross want in its applicants? Ross BBA is extremely competitive, so forming the right presentation of identity through your application materials is essential and one of the primary ways to convince Ross Admissions that you are deserving of one of the few coveted spots available for applicants. So, conveying your congruence with Ross ideals is essential, but what are the Ross ideals? These are defined and at times undefined values and principals as reflected by their publications and literation that we help our clients in interpreting with clarity. Some of the Ross ideals that they reference seeking in an ideal candidate include:

  • Clearly defined future business and career goals
  • Clearly defined references to Ross academic/other experiences that you would leverage in support of your career goals
  • Clearly defined references to career interests within extracurricular activities
  • Within or exceeding averages of ACT/SAT (34, 1480), GPA (3.9), and extracurriculars (3+ highly involved)
  • Congruence with UM and Ross cultural and community values

Frequent Mistakes
Whatever your reasons or goals are for applying to Ross BBA, we can help. All of these items must be clearly described in your application materials. They also must be carefully and thoughtfully shared, harmonizing but never redundant across your common app, University of Michigan, and Ross BBA application materials. This is often where most students have problems or complications. First, a clear business goal must be present throughout your materials, and it also must be clear why you need Ross BBA to achieve those goals, and what exactly the Ross BBA will contribute (similarly, what you will contribute back to the UM, Ross, and occupation of choice community). Failing to clearly reference a specific career goal, how you need Ross to get there, and tying in themes to your involvement are essential for a successful application.

Another common mistake is applicants who are redundant in application materials. An applicant has several essays shares with Ross: common app, UM, Ross specific – an ideal candidate will reference themes and have some messaging crossover to achieve a sense of harmonious composition, but never will they be redundant in content. This is a fine line to tightrope for even the most skilled essay writers.

How We Help
Our team includes a Ross graduate and former employee, and marketing and branding experts, that help you peel back the layers of your unique identify and career interest to support you in building extremely compelling essay and narratives and application materials. Our team that will meet with you consists of our founder and co-founder to offer a two-counselor-to-one-client ration for an unprecedented level of attention to detail and service that supports our clients in submitting their best possible application materials in order to have the best possible chance of admission. Our process is as follows:

  • Meet for free consult – sign
  • Meet for strategy and discovery session
  • Application Authority prepares highly detailed outlines for all application essays and materials based on discovery session and assigns client first draft deadline
  • Complete 4-5 rounds of revisions between client and counselors
  • Achieve final products in advance of deadline and submit

We work with clients on:
Our business started in 2016 with a focus on helping high school students apply to Ross BBA. We have since expanded to other top business and competitive programs across the country as well as career advising and private counseling. Additional work includes:

  • Common application materials including essays and activities description
  • University of Michigan application essays and materials
  • Ross School of Business application essays and materials
  • Ross BBA transfer application
  • Ross MBA application
  • Other top business school applications
  • School advising, college counseling, career counseling, private counseling
  • Interview preparation when needed

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