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What would your life look like if you were admitted into University of Michigan Ross School of Business? Would you work in the industry you want to work in? Earn the salary you want to earn? Give back to the community the way you envision giving back? Would you become exactly who you hope to be? The secret is out that Ross provides graduates with exceptional comprehension, exposure, and connections, allowing them to thrive amongst the most elite in the world.

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The recent stats below are a brief glimpse at why Ross is one of the safest, strongest, and smartest decisions anyone can make for their future.


As you compete against the extremely successful and high-achieving applicants that target the Ross BBA program, you may wonder—if so many common threads exist amongst applicants, how does Ross Admissions decide the most deserving to be admitted? Finding ways to present your uniqueness while also exceeding the typical expected standards is key for any succesful applicant and can be achieved throughout the various application materials, including essays and activities descriptions.

Sure, the Ross BBA program is looking for more accountants, let’s say, but regardless of how predictable your future career/life interests may be, Ross wants to see that future life you will make with their education. What will you do with your degree? And how will you flex the valuable education you’ve taken with you? How will you take Ross into the real world? And what will your future contributions be? Taking a reader on your own personal vision quest throughout your application essays and materials is essential to making your admission a reality.

Earning a spot of admission to Ross is exactly just that, earning a spot. For even the most accomplished applicant, admission is no guarantee. Showing Ross admissions you have been working toward this goal for years and have made significant strides and impacts is essential to submitting a successful application and securing a shot for admission. They want to know this is not a whim–this is part of a larger plan, and you are especially deserving because of this. Many applicants work with us as soon as 9th grade, when we start mapping out ideal course planning and extracurricular involvement to support the strongest future application materials.

What have you done that moves me? That’s exactly what any admissions officer will be thinking as they sit reading your response to each application prompt. How have you taken action, what have you seen, what movement occurred inside or out–where’s your ripple? When we begin working with our average Ross BBA client on their application, it is around August 1st when the Common Application and UM application prompts are released–but this is just when we begin on the application materials. Our greatest work often occurs months or years earlier, when we

work together to build a tapestry of involvement, interests, and introspection that will support your future goals and increase potential for admission to the Ross BBA program. While it may be difficult for a young high school student to begin mapping these inspirational interests and goals out, the more time you can invest, the greater potential to strengthen your future application materials. This is why we encourage parents and students to reach out as soon as 9-11th grade, or summer-early fall of senior year at the latest.

Whether you are appling to University of Michigan Ross BBA or any other competitive programs, demonstrating that you have been significantly involved is essential. Focusing on depth of involvment is key because any applicant can get lightly involved in dozens of activities. Demonstrating you have a greater depth of involvement in less activities would be better for a successful application. The problem is that establishing depth takes a great deal of time, effort, and forethought–it cannot be quickly whipped up, and it is incredibly demanding. We love working with students to develop detailed involvement plans even as late as senior year because it offers an opportunity to embolden your potential as a future Ross graduate and offers a compelling vision for any admissions officer reviewing your application essays and activities descriptions.

A primary takeaway you might have is that Ross is exceptionally demanding–yes. They are seeking the exceptional in mind, thought, and talent, those who have shown they have had Michigan Ross BBA values pumping through their veins and driving their sense of purpose for years.

We work with clients at all points of time in their high school career to begin preparing for future college and beyond academic and career-related goals.

Get connected with us now for a free consultaiton if earning a spot in the Ross BBA program is essential to your future goals.

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